Delivering SNOMED Code entry and the latest RC Path Proformas

July 23, 2021

PhoenixSoft has been working hard to develop the latest version of the cancer dataset reporting solution, COSD Companion, and we are delighted to announce the launch of V4.04.

COSD Companion V4.04 introduces the ability to configure and enter SNOMED codes for each dataset. The software supports either SNOMED RT or SNOMED CT SNOMED codes.

Within COSD Companion, specific SNOMED codes are configured for each dataset so the selection process during dataset entry is quick and easy. Users will also find that up to 10 SNOMED codes can be reported per Dataset.

Any SNOMED codes recorded for a dataset can now be sent as part of the COSD output for the NCRAS and to the LIMS via a HL7 result message.

COSD Companion uses Royal College of Pathology proforma datasets to enable easy cancer dataset reporting and we are pleased to announce that this latest version of COSD Companion now supports 85 RCPath proformas.

V4.04 sees the inclusion of the Colorectal proforma “Appendiceal Mucinous Neoplasms and Adenocarcinoma” and two gynaecological proformas have also been updated in line with recent releases from the Royal College of Pathologists:

• Cervical cancer in excisional cervical biopsy
• Cervical cancer in hysterectomy specimen

COSD Companion has been developed in close collaboration with Consultant Histopathologists to ensure that COSD Companion delivers a user-friendly experience, whilst meeting the NCRAS cancer dataset reporting requirements.

For further information, please contact us today.