Tracking staff samples at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

October 8, 2021

PhoenixSoft’s Covid Dashboard has supported the Occupational Health department, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust (RCHT), and Covid helpdesk team to provide PCR test results to staff members – keeping healthy staff at work throughout the pandemic.

To support Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, PhoenixSoft developed a series of Covid-19 monitoring dashboards free of charge when the pandemic began. The dashboards track where each patient and staff member sample is in the lab queue and displays live results as they are processed.

Anna Dalziel, Head of Wellbeing, RCHT: “We have been extremely reliant on the Covid-19 dashboard to give us quick results. It was essential that we had access and oversight of staff results quickly in order to provide the staff testing service and it has made running the staff Covid helpdesk extremely easy.”

Alongside the Occupational Health service, the OH department manages a staff Covid telephone helpdesk. The helpdesk operates 7 days a week to ensure that staff receive their test results if they haven’t already been notified of them. The helpdesk can be particularly important outside of office hours and at weekends when staff need to check that they are able to come to work the following day.
Approximately 8 members of the Occupational Health admin and nursing team access the dashboard regularly in addition to the Covid helpdesk team.
Anna continues: “In addition to test results, the dashboard shows which results are pending so we can look up a test and check that the lab definitely has the sample. This can be very helpful when staff are chasing results because we can estimate when the results may become available.
The dashboard information is also useful for contact tracing as we can see where the staff samples originate from. For example, if a positive sample comes through for a staff member on a certain ward, we can easily locate the member of staff to tell them.”
In addition to tracking sample processing, the Covid dashboard includes a number of user-friendly features such as a 30-day view. This shows the total number of positive Covid results for staff in the previous 30-day period. The OH team use the 30-day view as an indicator of the changing position of positive cases among staff and their dependents.
For the helpdesk team, the dashboard search function delivers almost instantaneous results when searching by name or partial name which helps to deliver a quick, effective service for staff.
PhoenixSoft’s Covid-19 dashboards demonstrate the benefits of real-time access to pathology data which is made possible at RCHT by PhoenixSoft’s Data Companion product.
Jason Woodard, CEO, PhoenixSoft commented: “The dashboards provide appropriate access to data for a variety of users across the Trust. For the Covid helpdesk users, the dashboard allows a quick and simple test result lookup facility which removes the need to access patient records or contact the laboratory.”

PhoenixSoft’s Data Companion solution provides bulk data extraction and real time update of pathology data into an accessible industry standard database. The real time data extraction provided by Data Companion is an ideal source for live dashboards and up to date statistics.