The solution for COSD data collection

The Cancer Outcomes and Services Dataset (COSD) has been the national standard for reporting cancer data since January 2013. The National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS) mandates all NHS Trusts in England to supply this information directly from their pathology departments.

Compliance with COSD Pathology v4 (COSD v9) is required from 1st October 2020.

The PhoenixSoft COSD Companion solution answers this requirement facilitating rapid, intuitive, and accurate recording and reporting of all cancer datasets. In addition, we provide automated solutions to import COSD data supplied by digital dictation services.

Developed with the assistance of NHS Trust histology consultants, COSD Companion has been in successful operation since January 2017, meeting evolving regulatory requirements by facilitating rapid, intuitive and accurate reporting of all cancer datasets.

Data captured using COSD datasets and RC Path or PHE proformas

Extracted data is compliant with the latest COSD format

Cancer Outcomes and Services Dataset extract verified by the NCRAS

COSD entry provides a formatted, user-defined clinical report

Installation and setup, providing full compliance, in one day

Features and benefits

Simple intuitive workflow

Simple intuitive workflow

1. Positive Patient Identification
Workflow starts with positive patient identification using demographics from your LIMS.
2. Select Dataset
Dataset selection follows; available datasets can be filtered by category to ease selection.
3. Dataset Entry
Relevant questions are answered by selecting from predefined options or entering text where necessary. Partially completed datasets can be saved for later completion.
4. Reporting
Upon completion, the dataset information is ready for extraction, and a clinical report (final or supplementary) is available for import into your LIMS, e.g. via HL7.
5. Extract
Data extraction, in the COSD Pathology v4 (COSD v9) format, is performed on demand for submission to the NCRAS.

Please contact us for further information, pricing and to arrange a demonstration

Supported proformas and datasets

COSD DatasetCategoryPublication DateStage Version
COSD BreastBreast01/04/2020User selection
COSD Central Nervous SystemCNS01/04/2020User selection
COSD ColorectalColorectal01/04/2020User selection
COSD Children Teenagers and Young AdultsCTYA01/04/2020User selection
COSD GynaecologicalGynaecological01/04/2020User selection
COSD Gynaecological CervicalGynaecological Cervical01/04/2020User selection
COSD Gynaecological EndometrialGynaecological Endometrial01/04/2020User selection
COSD Gynaecological Fallopian/Ovarian/PeritonealGynaecological Fallopian Ovarian Peritoneal01/04/2020User selection
COSD Haematological/OtherOther01/04/2020User selection
COSD Head And NeckHead Neck01/04/2020User selection
COSD LungLung01/04/2020User selection
COSD SarcomaSarcoma01/04/2020User selection
COSD Sarcoma BoneSarcoma Bone01/04/2020User selection
COSD Sarcoma Soft TissueSarcoma Soft Tissue01/04/2020User selection
COSD SkinSkin01/04/2020User selection
COSD Skin BCCSkin BCC01/04/2020User selection
COSD Skin SCCSkin SCC01/04/2020User selection
COSD Skin MMSkin MM01/04/2020User selection
COSD Upper GIUpper GI01/04/2020User selection
COSD UrologicalUrological01/04/2020User selection
COSD Urological BladderUrological Bladder01/04/2020User selection
COSD Urological KidneyUrological Kidney01/04/2020User selection
COSD Urological PenisUrological Penis01/04/2020User selection
COSD Urological ProstateUrological Prostate01/04/2020User selection
COSD Urological TesticularUrological Testicular01/04/2020User selection
Royal College Pathology (RC Path) ProformaCategoryPublication DateStage Version
NHS BSP Breast Pathology SynopticBreast22/06/2016UICC v8
NHS BSP Wide Bore Needle BiopsyBreast14/02/2017n/a
Axillary Core BiopsyBreast14/02/2017n/a
Axillary FNACBreast14/02/2017n/a
Breast FNACBreast14/02/2017n/a
Colorectal Neuroendocrine Tumour ResectionColorectal16/10/2019ENETS v5
Colorectal Carcinoma Resection SpecimenColorectal19/09/2018UICC v8
Colorectal Carcinoma Local Excision SpecimenColorectal19/09/2018n/a
Anal Cancer - Abdominoperineal ResectionColorectal27/03/2018UICC v8
Anal Cancer - Excisional BiopsyColorectal27/03/2018UICC v8
Appendiceal Goblet Cell Adenocarcinoma ResectionColorectal16/10/2019ENETS v5
Appendiceal Neuroendocrine Tumour ResectionColorectal16/10/2019ENETS v5
Appendiceal Mucinous Neoplasms And Adenocarcinoma (NEW in v4.04)Colorectal08/03/2021UICC v8
Cervical Cancer In Excisional Cervical biopsy (UPDATED in v4.04)Gynaecological12/03/2021n/a
Cervical Cancer In Hysterectomy Specimen (UPDATED in v4.04)Gynaecological12/03/2021n/a
Endometrial Carcinoma Excision SpecimenGynaecological20/12/2017UICC v8
Endometrial Biopsy Containing CarcinomaGynaecological20/12/2017n/a
Ovarian/Tubal/Primary Peritoneal CarcinomasGynaecological18/07/2019n/a
Ovarian/Tubal/Primary Peritoneal Borderline TumoursGynaecological18/07/2019n/a
Uterine Sarcomas In Hysterectomy SpecimenGynaecological12/09/2018n/a
Vulval Cancer Resection SpecimenGynaecological11/01/2018UICC v8
Adrenal Cortical CarcinomaOther17/01/2012UICC v8
Parathyroid CarcinomaOther01/02/2016n/a
Phaeochromocytoma And ParagangliomaOther17/01/2012n/a
Thyroid CancerOther10/02/2014UICC v8
Cancer Of Unknown Primary (CUP)Other26/07/2018UICC v8
Lymphoma SpecimensOther12/10/2015n/a
Salivary Carcinoma ResectionHead Neck25/11/2013UICC v7
Lymph Node Excision SpecimensHead Neck25/11/2013UICC v7
Primary Hypopharyngeal CarcinomaHead Neck25/11/2013UICC v7
Primary Laryngeal CarcinomaHead Neck25/11/2013UICC v7
Primary Nasal Cavity And Paranasal Sinus CarcinomaHead Neck07/12/2011UICC v7
Primary Nasopharyngeal CarcinomaHead Neck25/11/2013UICC v7
Primary Oral Cavity CarcinomaHead Neck25/11/2013UICC v7
Primary Oropharyngeal CarcinomaHead Neck25/11/2013UICC v7
Lung Cancer Biopsy/Cytology SpecimenLung19/09/2018n/a
Mesothelioma Biopsy/Cytology SpecimenLung27/09/2017n/a
Lung Cancer Resection SpecimensLung19/09/2018UICC v8
Mesothelioma Resection SpecimensLung17/11/2017n/a
Resections Of Thymic Epithelial TumoursLung20/10/2017UICC v8
Biopsy/Cytology Specimens Of Thymic Epithelial TumoursLung12/10/2015n/a
Gastrointestinal Stromal TumoursSarcoma09/01/2020n/a
Bone TumourSarcoma07/12/2020UICC v8
Soft Tissue SarcomaSarcoma16/08/2017UICC v8
Cutaneous Adnexal CarcinomaSkin28/02/2019UICC v8
Cutaneous Malignant MelanomaSkin28/02/2019UICC v8
Merkel Cell CarcinomaSkin28/02/2019UICC v8
Cutaneous Basal Cell CarcinomaSkin28/02/2019UICC v8
Cutaneous Invasive Squamous Cell CarcinomaSkin28/02/2019UICC v8
Regional Lymph Nodes Associated With Cutaneous Adnexal CarcinomaSkin07/02/2018UICC v8
Regional Lymph Nodes Associated With Cutaneous Invasive SCCSkin07/02/2018UICC v8
Regional Lymph Nodes Associated With Cutaneous MelanomaSkin07/02/2018UICC v8
Regional Lymph Nodes Associated With Merkel Cell CarcinomaSkin07/02/2018UICC v8
Ampulla Of Vater CarcinomaUpper GI03/10/2019UICC v8
Lower Jejunal And Ileal Neuroendocrine Tumour ResectionUpper GI16/10/2019ENETS v5
Common Bile Duct CarcinomaUpper GI03/10/2019UICC v8
Duodenal/Ampullary/Proximal Jejunal Neuroendocrine Neoplasms ResectionUpper GI16/10/2019ENETS v5
Gastric Neuroendocrine Neoplasms ResectionUpper GI16/10/2019ENETS v5
Liver Resection Colorectal Cancer MetastasisUpper GI20/06/2012n/a
Liver Resection Gall BladderUpper GI20/06/2012UICC v8
Liver Resection Hepatocellular CarcinomaUpper GI20/06/2012UICC v8
Liver Resection Intrahepatic CholangiocarcinomaUpper GI20/06/2012UICC v8
Liver Resection Perihilar CholangiocarcinomaUpper GI20/06/2012UICC v8
Pancreatic CarcinomaUpper GI03/10/2019UICC v8
Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Neoplasms ResectionUpper GI16/10/2019ENETS v5
Gastric Carcinoma ResectionUpper GI23/10/2019UICC v8
Gastric/Oesophageal Carcinoma BiopsiesUpper GI23/10/2019n/a
Gastric/Oesophageal Carcinoma EMR SpecimensUpper GI23/10/2019n/a
Oesophageal Carcinoma ResectionUpper GI23/10/2019UICC v8
Nephrectomy SpecimenUrological24/11/2017UICC v8
Prostate BiopsyUrological27/06/2016n/a
Renal Biopsy specimenUrological24/11/2017n/a
Radical Resection Of Renal Pelvis and/or UreterUrological15/04/2013UICC v8
Testicular Cancer (Orchidectomy)Urological13/05/2020UICC v8
Transurethral Specimen (Biopsy or TUR)Urological15/04/2013UICC v8
Transurethral Resection Or Enucleations Of The ProstateUrological27/06/2016UICC v8
Distal Urethral TumoursUrological10/07/2015UICC v8
Lymph Node Specimens From Patients With Penile Or Urethral CarcinomaUrological10/07/2015UICC v8
Penile TumoursUrological10/07/2015UICC v8
Radical ProstatectomiesUrological27/06/2016UICC v8
Urethrectomy Or Urethral DiverticulectomyUrological15/04/2013UICC v8
Urinary Bladder (Cystectomy Or Diverticulectomy)Urological15/04/2013UICC v8
Testicular Cancer Excisions of Lymph Nodes/Metastatic DepositsUrological13/05/2020n/a
Public Health England (PHE) ProformaCategoryPublication DateStage Version
Cervical Screening BiopsyGynaecological15/11/2019n/a
Cervical Screening LLETZGynaecological15/11/2019n/a

System requirements


Operating SystemAny supported 64bit Microsoft Windows server version, e.g.:
• Windows Server 2012
• Windows Server 2012 R2
• Windows Server 2016
• Windows Server 2019
Microsoft SQL ServerAny supported Microsoft SQL Server version, e.g.:
• 2012
• 2014
• 2016
• 2017
• 2019
Processor2.5Ghz with 4 cores or better
Memory24GB or more:
• 8GB for Windows Server Operating System
• 16GB or more dedicated for Microsoft SQL Server
Storage200GB, with separate volumes for:
• Windows Server Operating System (Recommended 30GB)
• SQL Data (Recommended 50GB)
• SQL Logs (Recommended 50GB)
• SQL Backups (Recommended 50GB)
• HL7 Messaging (Recommended 20GB)


Operating SystemAny supported 32bit or 64bit Microsoft Windows client, e.g.:
• Windows 10
• Windows 11
.NET Framework4.6.2
Processor2Ghz with 2 cores or better
Memory• 4GB for 32bit Operating Systems
• 8GB for 64bit Operating Systems
Storage100MB free disk space for the COSD Companion software installation