The powerful gateway to all your pathology data

The PhoenixSoft Lookup Companion solution complements your laboratory information management system, providing you with an easy and intuitive application that pathologists can use to access data from anywhere in the laboratory.

Through its highly customisable views and extracts, Lookup Companion can be used to access LIMS data, for example from Data Companion, to provide patient request, blood stock and reference data at the click of a button.

Catering for all departments in pathology, including blood sciences, microbiology, histology and blood transfusion, all specialised data items are easily accessible.

In addition, the ability to use custom searches means that every requirement for data can be delivered directly to the pathologist. Search results can be viewed in any available spreadsheet application with one click.

Installation and configuration in just a few days

Customisable views of patient and blood stock data

Custom queries supplying data on demand

Data extracts to PDF and CSV

An ideal solution for live and archive data

Features and benefits

1. Request Search
Quickly search for patient requests using a variety of criteria.
2. Request View
Customisable views and extract of patient data including request details, tests, results, reports and more.
3. Blood Stock Search
Quickly search for blood stock using a variety of criteria.
4. Blood Unit View
Customisable views and extract of blood unit data including unit details, unit audit log, unit times and more.
5. Reference Data
Easy access and extraction of reference data such as tests, reference ranges, clinicians, sources, sample types etc
6. Custom Queries
Configure as many custom queries as you need, organised by category and user access levels.
7. Custom Query Results
Execute a custom query on demand, using user definable search criteria, to return and extract pathology data.

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System requirements


Operating SystemAny supported 64bit Microsoft Windows server version, e.g.:
• Windows Server 2012
• Windows Server 2012 R2
• Windows Server 2016
• Windows Server 2019
Microsoft SQL ServerAny supported Microsoft SQL Server version, e.g.:
• 2012
• 2014
• 2016
• 2017
• 2019
Processor2.5Ghz with 4 cores or better
Memory24GB or more:
• 8GB for Windows Server Operating System
• 16GB or more dedicated for Microsoft SQL Server
Storage200GB, with separate volumes for:
• Windows Server Operating System (Recommended 30GB)
• SQL Data (Recommended 50GB)
• SQL Logs (Recommended 50GB)
• SQL Backups (Recommended 50GB)


Operating SystemAny supported 32bit or 64bit Microsoft Windows client, e.g.:
• Windows 10
• Windows 11
.NET Framework4.6.2
Processor2Ghz with 2 cores or better
Memory• 4GB for 32bit Operating Systems
• 8GB for 64bit Operating Systems
Storage100MB free disk space for the COSD Companion software installation